Chrystal Ann Kaminski (surrealkiller) wrote,
Chrystal Ann Kaminski

My weekend.....

Friday: I was chilling at work and I went on AIM and found Jeffy, he told me that he was at home so I figured that I would go by him instead of staying at work. So he picked me up at work and we went to The Chancery for thier fish fry.....oh man we were fat after that dinner, I tell you what....after that we went to Talleahs house and chilled for a while, talked about sex for a long time, then we went to see "House of a 1000 Corpses" which was ok, it's not really my style though, I don't like cheesy horror films very much......but it had an element of surprise which was good. It was more like a comedy, sort of poking fun at old horror movies. It was entertaining at least, lots of gore....and blood.

Saturday: woke up and went to Southridge with Carrie, got clothes at Hot Topic (they were having a sale) and then Carrie left for work and Jeffy and I went to Chi-Chi's for food was sooo good! I had the lobster enchiladas.....damn yummy! then we went to Milwaukee PC to get my mother board and some RAM, and talked about what I should get next time. We went all over trying to find Jeffy a CD carrier of some kind, but to no avail. We went back to the mall to get Josh and they dropped me off at home before they went to the HED PE show. I stayed at home tonight, I did'nt feel like going to club really.

Tomorrow I have to get up and go to my grandma's for dinner since lots of my family will be thier for an early easter dinner. Everyone work Easter Sunday, so we have to have it this week. *sigh* I don't like celebrating easter, but holidays are the only times my family gets together, so I really have no choice unless I never want to see them.

Man, something weird happened to me tonight, I was on AIM and I saw Daniels name (Wiggsmatta) on my buddy list, I was thinking "Ummmmm I thought he was in Vancouver still"....and then I thought "Well, maybe he signed on from the hotel or something" so I started asking why he was up when he had to leave the next day, and he was real shady, like not giving complete answers, he said "Well, I could'nt" in response to my "why are'nt you asleep for your flight" question. I was like could'nt what? he gave me another vague answer...after that I was suspicious that it was not him, so I asked if it was Dan and he said "Of course I am" "Why" I was like "Yeah what ever" and I asked what color Carries cat was, and he said the wrong color three times, so I knew it was not him. "Ryan!" I said..."that has to be you"........I told him I was unsure why Daniel would give him his password and rememberd that his computer dials up automatically. Ryan said that I analyzed things too much, I said "Well, I think that's good sometimes" and he told me I would go mad after awhile, whatever that meant, and I said " would know...right....j/k". Then he did something that made me creepiness.........I asked him "SO, if I did'nt know you were not Daniel, would you have still pretended to be him?" he goes "Why? would you have seduced me?" I was weirded out, but tried not to show it, I tried to get off the subject by telling him about the knick name I gave Daniel and he went back to the seducing thing I don't know about that guy.......I don't know if that was really him, but man, I hope I don't have to encounter THAT again.....
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