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Spring daze.....

Man, this weather rox tha cock. Yesterday I got off of work and Nicky and Carrie came to pick me up in Nicks car....which is a two seater, so I had to sit on Carrie's lap! weeeee! it was so awesome because he took the top off the little red honda Del Sol, so I was riding all around town in the sunny, windy, hot weather sitting on my roomate :). I had a fuckin' was so great. I have not ridden in a convertable since I was 10, so it was a really nice experience. It was hella windy when we got on the freeway eyes got all watery and shit.
We also went to Seven bridges and walked around on the sand for awhile...I missed that place and Carrie was in heaven...she would just walk out onto the pier and stand there forever, looking out on to the lake. I wish I would of had my camera.

Tonight I will be picked up by Carrie at 5:30 and we are going to Johnny V's house because it's his birthday today....HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN! :). Tee hee. I think he is 23...I'm not sure though...hmmmm...we will witness another band practice, it will probly be damn hot in that's hot in there even in the winter...

Man speaking of hot houses, mine is about 90 right now, I don't know how the cat can live, she full of white fluffy I would die.

Oh yeah, about that creepy Dan's roomate situation, we found out it was NOT his roomate, but someone stole his password and screen name and is trying to store things on his computer now. That sux balls, when I got my password stolen, I called AOL and they made me change my screen name and shit. That's why I went from Antigonigh to Chrighstallin. Balls to all that.

I miss my Daniel, he will be over Wed. night. too bad it will be only 50 tomorrow and gay. It's gonna get down to the 30's by friday. I can't wait to move! Daniel.....when can we move???
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