Chrystal Ann Kaminski (surrealkiller) wrote,
Chrystal Ann Kaminski


Well, last night Carrie picked me up and we went shopping at the mall for shoes, she got black, cute little sandals and I got a long skirt and a nice black tank top for only 10 bucks on clearence, we looked at bikinis at hot topic, I might got the lady bug one I found, it's real cute, lacy and red with black spots!!! I loooove lady bugs :). Now I can be one.
After that we went to Taco Bell and then to Johns to hang out with them at their band practice. Joshy, Nick, John, Meg, Nicks brother Erin, were there. Lady Erin showed up later and ate some cake. It was damn hot in that house, even though the temp. dropped to 60 in a half hour and it was cold by the time we got there. We talked and then Carrie and I left to go home and eat, she got a hamburger at Burger King. Nicky came over later to watch I Am Sam with us, I cried again.....even though I have already seen it, so did Carrie and Nicky laughed at us!! Well...poo.

Tonight, I will go to Talleahs after work and chill until we leave for club, then I will see all who are going tonight. Especially my baby!!
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