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Good stuff....

Last night I forgot my keys at home, so I called Carrie and she had to drive all the way from Kenosha w/ Mer and some guy named Clayton to let me in. Damn I felt so bad. But I would have done it for her :).

It was Carrie's birthday yesterday and she got an RCA dvd player w/an mp3 thing in it. It has a surround system and everything, big ass subwofer. So we have an awesome system now, we just need a better TV, since Carrie's TV kind of sux cause it's old and it makes peoples heads look like eggs. heh.

I get to see my Daniel today again...YEAY!!! he will probly come over after work tonight. I will be in Madison this weekend so I will not be around in Milwaukee. I will get Carrie's birthday present Sat. in Madison, I know just what to get her too. Tee hee.
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