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Two kings and a queen......

This was a really interesting weekend. I went up to Madison and took Jeffy with me to Daniels house. We had a pretty good time. Friday we left at like 11PM to drive up there, Jeffy left his car infront of my house (I called it in) even though he did'nt dig that to much :). We drove to the grocery store to buy some stuff to eat for the weekend and when we got home we just chilled and talked until like 4AM when Daniel and I finally went to sleep, Jeffy on the other hand, went to bed at like 6 AM.

Sat: We got up at like 11 and ate breakfast, Jeffy did'nt want anything we were eating, so I gave him onw of my fruit rool-up things. He wanted meat, and Daniels really does'nt eat much of that. Poor Jeffy!! Although, sometimes I can go for a nice juicy steak in the AM heh heh....we left to go hang out down town on State street, but it rained the whole time and Daniel and I really did'nt want to get wet and walk around so we drove to a movie theatre and saw an awesome movie that I forgot the name of, but it had Al Pacino in it, so of course it would rock the cock.
Later we ended up at the club (Inferno) and it really was not all that exciting, like it has been in the past, but they played Wumpscuts "Thorns" for me so I was happy. I don't really know what Jeffy thought about it though.

Sun: Daniel and I had family stuff to do, so we got up at 10:30 even though we had to be up at 11...(I hate his clock-I don't believe in snooz buttons), but we got up anyhow and made our way over to the country club, which was fun, I love going to family stuff, we had brunch and I talked to alot of his family. His step brothers girlfriend is pretty cool, I'm glad she is also going on the trip to Key West with us. When our eatage was over, we went home and Jeffy was awake and reading by then. He was hungry so he and Ryan ordered some pizza's. We played on the computer and Jeffy set up Trillion for Daniel...long process....I ended up staying upstairs for most of that and watched a little of "Ghost" while all the boys were downstairs. I cleaned the kitchen and washed my clothes, so I got stuff done.

I had a good talk with Daniel this weekend, we both agreed that while it was really cool having Jeffy with us over the weekend, it was too hard to have our time together also. Maybe we should just keep the friend and significant other thing separate until 2004 when Dan gets back from school. Daniel said it was cool getting to know Jeffy better, which is very cool, I was happy to hear that :).

Well, I am at work now, until 7. I am now working my over time for my trip to Florida in three weeks. I want to work it before, so I get the money right away. So that means, two extra hours every day. Not bad at all really.

I got Carrie a cool birthday present in Madison, I put it somewhere she would find it, but I did'nt tell her I bought it yet :). I hope she finds it soon!!

I think I am doing ok now, I am getting better with the fact that Dan will be going away to school. I am used to the idea now. I really don't think I will be as bad as I thought I was going to be.
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