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Oh man...

I was in THEEE worst pain ever yesterday!!! I came home from work early, went right into my room (almost stepping on the cat) and plopped on my bed and cried, I actually WAILED in pain. I thought I was dying......

Because I am bleeding from my crotch!!!'s better now though, just yesterday it hurt :). I give Carrie the credit for the "bleeding from my crotch" thing, she always says that.

So yeah, today I am at work till seven, Doin' my overtime for Florida. Balls. I hate that shit, where are my vacations? I'm still on probabtion here, I have two months to go!! then I can use some for my trips to Key West and Vancouver.

Man, after this year, I think my most visited state will be florida. I have already been there twice, once for Disney world, and another time for Fort Meyers. And what's funny is that I really don't like the weather there, I HATE humidity, and that's all FL. is. Maybe I should cut all my hair off so I don't have to deal with all the goddamn frizz when I go there. They have sink holes there...maybe we will fall into one.
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