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Interesting thoughts.....

Well today I am very tired. I am at work, I got here at 9, oh man, I forgot how tired I am after going to club....

I was talking to Daniel about things this morning and it got me thinking about how much people generalize things sometimes. I thought about how people think that just because they have experienced something, that's the "Be all end all" of what that specific situation is. Very untrue I think. I am not saying I don't make those assumptions sometimes, but more often I don't, because I don't believe in that way of thinking. I try my damndest to believe that even though I have had a terrible experience with something, that it really is not terrible for everyone, and that most likely, someone else has had a great experience with whatever that situation is.

I do not understand why some people believe things that other people say, instead of finding out about it on their own and forming their own opinion about whatever that "thing" is.

It really makes me think about how close minded or open minded one can choose to be. For some maybe it is not a choice, but a habit.

Once I talked to a friend about a state she had visited, we talked about what the people there were like, which was difficult because I don't believe that you can say "People here are like this..." because that is to broad of a statement, but she begged to differ.

I guess some people are like that, but I find it hard to talk to people who believe that that's the way things are. I think that thinking that way makes people have certain expectations. I prefer to go into things without what anyone said in my mind. I would rather go somewhere having never heard of it so I can build my own opinion right away.

That's just me, of course. I know that in certain towns, things operate differently and one can say the same thing for different countries also. But we are talking more differences in culture then, or religion and the like.

I was going more along the lines of individuals I guess. I hate when people say "yeah, Wisconsin people are mean" just because the people they have meet from Wisconsin were mean to them. Don't they know that the state is bigger than those couple people? it just irks me. I don't know. But I think it is ok to say "Some people in Wi. are more conservative compared to those in certain parts of Califormia". A big emphasis on the word "some". But even still, you can say that about ANY state and ANY city. Because cities can vary from area to area, and if you talk about Milwukee, even zip code to zip code. It really depends.

I meet some people who were dicks to me from Cali. but I will never say that they are all like that over there. I have also meet some really conservative, shy people from Cali. too.

I have learned over the years that you can not put one word to any place or any person. If you look hard enough, you can find anything, no matter where you are. The length of time spent somewhere or with someone will broaden anyone's knowledge and experience of something.

Yeah, I just had to get that out, because I can't speak it as well as I can on the computer. I am VERY set in my ways. I see this more and more.

Oh well, I like it that way, I know exactly what I want, all the time. Today I get out at five hmmmm.....
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