Chrystal Ann Kaminski (surrealkiller) wrote,
Chrystal Ann Kaminski

..I can still remember just the way you taste....

Yes, I had a problem at summerfest, with this guy I used to go out with. Damn it....Logan. I told him I still loved him a long time ago, and now, at summerfest he saw our friend Karin, whom he used to fuck and he was all over her. I told him later that I had a problem with that, and he did it again later when he saw her. It's not that I really care who he fucks around with, but it would be common sense to not do it in front of someone who still loves you, as it would hurt them , of course. Why deos he do these things? I thought I could trust him, and now I know I can't, so I E-mailed him telling him that I cannot be friends with him anymore, at least not for yeah, that is my life. tee hee.
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