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The dream

Last night I went all around town w/ Carrie, running errands, taking Josh and Nick to band practice and shopping (alot) and laundry too. I had a blast at "The washing well" where Carrie decided to do her clothes. I thought it would be amusing to sit in the baskets they had there for clothes (metal baskets with wheels) oh man, they had wheels!! for some reason I love things with wheels, if I can roll around in it, I'm game, a wheel chair, a wagon, whatever. So I was rolling myself all around the place and Carrie thought that was soooo funny, I made her laugh while she was talking on the phone to Nicky :). Yeah, we were the only ones in there, so we had our fun. After that we went to Johnny V's house to get Nicky and Joshy, we stayed for a while and talked, then we left and went home.

John let us borrow some dvd's (yeay) I picked "The Stand" and "American Psycho" and also "Texas Chainsaw massacre" out of those I have not seen American Psycho yet, so I am quite interested. Nicky also brought over some anime that I was interested in, I should look through al that today when I get home.

I had a wierd dream last night, starring Nick, Carrie and I. We were all talking somewhere where the freeway was visible, I remember seeing the over-pass out of the corner of my eye, the bridge was high and full of traffic. All of a sudden these big semi-trucks started to fly off of the bridge, one by one, they all started to fall off, I looked and screamed and Nicky and Carrie were like "Oh my god....what the fuck?" then the bridge collapsed and all the cars fell with it, everything crumbled, we ran away and got in Nicks car to drive home. We were so scared, I remember crying and freaking out, Nick kept making sure I was ok, he seemes really worried about me and kept saying everything was going to be ok. Carrie was crying too, and when we drove up to a bridge to get on a different free way, that one crumbled too, we were stuck, the thing was giving way right in front of us. I could hear Carrie and I freak out. Nick was so good about the whole thing, I woke up then, all freaked out. Wierd.

I think Carrie will be even more scared of those high freeways if I tell her about the dream. She really does not like it anywhere where you have to go up real high. I like it actually, well, as long as I know it's safe.

Tonight, I will go to club, Talleah and Jeffy will be there hopefully, and Johnny V. I know will be there too. I wonder if he made that CD for me. His compilations are always the most listened to for me. Speaking of that, I was listening to the CD's my Daniel burnt me, and I love them, the Oakenfold stuff is amazing, I fell asleep with it on...
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