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Congrats again to Pat and Sara for their one year!!! weeeee!!!one day Daniel and I will catch up :).

So yeah, last night at club I had sooo much fun, it was a goddamn blast, Carrie and I were watching Jenny dance and we were laughing our asses off!!! I laughed so hard I could have peeed..for real!
Jeffy almost got into a fight with that one Kenny G. guy,that sucked... balls ta him, he blows anyway, he even tried talking shit to Carrie!!
After all the drama left, I just had so much fun talkign to people I never see, Like Chris, man it's been years, the only thing that sucked about talking to him was that he asked me to come over after club *rolls eyes* yeah right, he saw how drunk I was. damn, some just don't know when to quit.

Pat gave me his drink :) thanks Pat!!! yeah I wanted Pat to dj last night, I would have had even more fun then :).

I missed my baby at club though, it was almost foriegn to not have him there. It was kind of wierd. I want my Daniel!! cause I am a happy pink snake ssssssssSSSSSSSS!!

Tonight I don't think I am doing anything, I know Nick will be at home with Carrie tonight, but I don't know if they will go anywhere, if they do I will most likely go with, unless I don't feel like it. Josh and Nick were watching anime when I left this morning. Hmmmm...maybe I should clean, or something....naaaa I think I am going to start my new painting.
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