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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]

Nice and sunny....I wish there was some warm to go with that. Anyway, last night I did'nt get any sleep, I was in pain and I had to keep going to the bathroom because of my stupid bladder infection. I drank like three cups of tea before I went to bed too, I guess that does'nt help....

I was really missing Daniel last night, I was thinking that I wished he would call me. I always answer the phone, hoping I will hear his voice. A whole week will go by and I am surprised he does'nt call, especially when we don't see each other on Wednesday. I was a little sad thinking about that last night, I remembered that he told me he talked to his ex-girlfriend Suzanne every day. I don't think (everyday) is needed, but maybe just two days during the week would be good, it's so hard for me to be far from him....sometimes I just need to hear him, E-mail just does'nt cut it for me :(.

Well, today, I have to meet with Kyle, I really don't want to, because I have no interest in him anymore- at all...not even as friends. I just don't care anymore. Our relationship ruined our friendship. Now I would be content even if I did'nt see him anymore, I hate when people just sit around all day and smoke weed...he's really kind of pathetic to me now.

The main reason I have to see him is to get my power strip back from him, I need it for my new computer, I am going to get my table for my PC Sunday, hopefully, or maybe Saturday. It will only cost me eighty bucks, it's one big slab of glass held up on each end by two large white roman pillars, I will put my computer on that as soon as I get it. Otherwise my poor machine would have to sit on the floor...and be sad!!! well, now it won't :).

I think I will just talk to Kyla at home today, my bladder hurts and I don't feel like "Hanging out" like he wanted to. I mean, come on....what the hell would we do, seriously?...."Ummmm....so, howwww's it goin'?" yeah, that sounds pretty lame. I don't know, whatever....I just hope he does not stay long, I'm not in the mood to play pseudo friend.

I hope I don't sound like an ass. I have to pee....oouch.

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As a former victim of UTIs, I can tell you that there is an over-the-counter med that you may be able to take. It's called Azo, and it's sold at most drug stores (I know that Osco carries it, for sure). I'm not sure if it'll work for bladder infections, but it's worth a shot, and trust me...I know what kind of pain you're in.