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Doctor, doctor....

Friday: I got off work and went home at like 4PM, then Kyle came over and I left to have dinner with him at Conejitos, for like the fifth time that week. We talked, and it was fairly uneventful, not much was said, how's work/family, you know the drill. Basically I think all he wanted to do was get his ladder from the house, that's fine, since I really have no desire to talk to him really ever again...
Later that night I cleaned and waited for Daniel to come over, he got there at like 9:30, which is VERY early for him, he also came in the door with Jeffy and Angela, then Carrie came home with Nick and we had a full house of was cute to see everyone at the same time in MY house, cause it's so small :).

Saturday: The day of my cousin Kevin's wedding, we took Nicky home and went shopping for a few things, then we came back home and got ready to go over to my dad's house before the reception. Daniel looked so handsome.....I rememeber just looking at him and thinking, "Damn, that's MINE!" mmuuaaahaha. Yeah, I love seeing my baby all dressed up :). So we get to my dad's and talk for awhile and wait for my stepmom to get ready, she thought Daniel was so cute!! she had to pull me over to the side and tell me :). The reception was cool, I saw all my cousins, who were dying to dance with me, but I had a headache...:(. Yeah, it's not like I was diggin' the music all that much cousin Kevin looked real good, all in a white tux and a cowboy hat, my dad said he looked like Puff

My dad liked Daniel, and so did my dad's three sisters too :), it's usually hard to impress that side of my family, but I think Daniel has charmed them in a way. They were most interested in the fact that he was going to school for film. So I think I made some peace with my dad that night, I'm not really mad at him anymore, I will probly try to call more often to go to his cook out and what not, I am happy about that.

Sunday: I woke up feeling ok, my bladder was still a bit shaky though, we went to Barnes and Nobles, but we could'nt stay, because my pain was becoming worse, so Daniel took mt to the emergency room at St. Mary's hospital by the lake, where I was born. I got some medication called phenazopyridine, for bladder spazams...damn $10.00 for only 6 pills! good thing he did'nt give me a whole bunch....I hope the bill for the ER is not too steep, I already put it on my credit card. That medicine, turns my pee bright red/orange, like, radioactive orange, it's so wierd.....there is also a warning on it that says if my skin turns purple or blue, to stop taking it!! I really hope that does not happen...

This pure cranberry juice tasts like was 8 bucks for a small bottle.....goddamn it, I should just have my bladder taken out. Maybe it will fall out and save me the trouble....

This morning I am feeling better, with radioactive pee and all....that medicine worked I guess, no more real pain, only tinges here and there. Daniel was late for work this morning, we woke up at like 10:00 and he works at 11. I don't think he made it. I would have been late if I did'nt make my own hours I guess. So I am working till 6 today, and I think I will go eat my taco's now. TACO TACO!!
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