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I hate bad weather...I can't wait to move somewhere warm......I was soo tired this morning when I got up to take a shower, sometimes I almost fall asleep IN the shower. But I did'nt do that.

I am going to be picked up by Carrie today at 3PM and we are getting our hair done by her friend Chris, I don't know if I will cut my hair, but I will dye it black, so tonight when you all see me, I should have pitch black hair again. Maybe it will be short, maybe not. I don't know.

After the hair salon I am going home and getting ready to go to Conejitos with Sara, Pat and Jeffy, man...I might as well LIVE in that place :). I could never get sick of it though....who can go wrong with $4.00 for three tostadas and rice and beans???

Ya just can't get enough

I want to see my baby tonight...
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