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Last night...

Well I went to get my hair dyed by Chris, it kind of sucks, he got the dye all over my forhead and ears and it's not easy to get off. But he's a beginner still, so I'll give him that. Carrie got her hair trimmed and Chris put red streaks in it, I think it looks great!! Mine is just sooooo black- the way I want it :).

Went to Conejitos afterwards, Jeffy came and picked me up at my house then drove over there. We met up with Pat, Sara and their friend, I forgot his name. As always, the food was awesome and the conversation was fun :). I looooove Sara!!! she's my ho....I guess Carrie is my ho too...

Club was alright, there were so many people there!! like a slew and shit. It was soo packed, even gay Timmy and Spacey Stacy were there. It was cool to see them in a place other then MIAD for a change. I am happy they moved the tables off the stage at club :). We have more room.

Pat played me Thorns!!!! THORNS!!!! I looooove that song, I want a whole bunch of Wumpscut. I am taking Joshy's CD's that I borrowed from him to Daniels house this weekend so I can copy them and have my own :).

This morning I woke up and Nicky was lying on the couch, he scared me, I almost walked out of my room naked...I'm glad I did'nt. I wanted to stay home and watch "The Stand" with him, but I had to go to work.

I wanted to go to Mantra tonight, or maybe Pure, because they both have Thursday nights where chicks get in free. I'm a chick, so why not?? I just have to get Carrie to come with me.

Work is boring today, I did'nt get to plant flowers like I wanted too. I am not satisfied with just sitting at the computer today, so I think I will help take some packages over to some of the teachers before I leave.
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