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AaaaLLLLL IIIIII what you want.....

Well, last night I ended up calling Jeffy from work to get his cell number for Johnny V., whom I was talking to on AIM, it turned out he already had the # AND was also on the phone with Jeffy, LOL we both laughed about that one :).
Jeffy wanted me to come to Meg's with them to have dinner, so I called Meg and asked if it was alright if I came too and she said it was ok, so I took the bus home and got ready and waited for Jeffy to pick me up. He already had John in the car when he came to get me and we all drove over there right away.

The dinner was great, I really did like it, and Meg was a good host, Thanks Meggy!! I had a good time, I talked to her sister, whom is also very cool, the only thing that sucked was that John got kind of crabby because of his allergies, they were real bad because of the kitty. Poor Johnny.

The brownies were sooo good!! we all had huge ones, they really were huge man, like the size of a CD, but they were square, not round. I would have liked them to be round though, I loooove round, it's my favorite shape!!

I work till 4 today, after that I don't know what I will do, maybe go home and clean, I like to clean, and it will be nice out today, like 60 something, so I can even clean my bird cages outside. I get to see my Daniel tonight, the highlight of my weekend as always!!

I like to hug the kitty, she's like a huge cotton ball, sometimes, when I get mad at her, I say that I will make a rug out of her, or a coat. Nicky said she would be better mittens though. lol...
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