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Very nice......

Friday: A damn beautiful day! I had no idea it was going to be so nice and warm out....I decided to take the Trolley home instead of the bus, which makes me feel far more "cultured" if you will. I got off by Walgreens so I could visit Carrie at work, then I went home and opened all the windows and cleaned for a bit, then Jeffy came over with Kristi, Gay Timmy and Stacey. We all went to hang out at Pizza Puddle and went down to the lake, it was a very good time :).

Daniel came and got me and we left for his house and got there by like 11:30 or so, we watched a movie "City of Lost Children" which was great, I loved the imagery most of all. The next morning we went down town, did some serious, but good talking and ate a lovley dinner at "Tutto Pasta" we ate outside because it was soo nice. A beutiful day it was...I did'nt even mind the sun, cause I had alot of sunscreen on and because I was just having too much fun.

Sunday: Woke up at 11AM called his parents and watched "The thin Red Line" which I thought was great, never seen it before then and I love war movies about WWII, so it kept my interest. After that I took a shower and we left for the country club to meet his parents and some of his extended family as well. The dinner was amazing, I had lobster wrapped in phyllo dough, oh man, it was so excellent. Then his grandma gave me some of her steak and that was great too!!! I was fat after yesterday man....realll fat. I had so much fun talking to his family, I am really going to miss them when we move away. I hope his parents come and visit us alot though. That would make me happy, I hope Andrew and Jeffy will come too.

Daniel gave me a ride to work today, my new summer hours have kicked in, 9-3 every day. How nice....I get off damn early to enjoy the summer. This week is the week Daniel will leave for Andrews' house in Ohio, he has many things planned for the weekend I hear, so this should be a fun time for my baby. I will miss though, I already do.

On a happier note, I won two tickets to see "The Dancer Upstairs" an independant film that's showing at the Downer Theatre, I have to pick them up today after work. Jeffy will be going with me, the movie starts at 7:30 this Wed. I can't wait!!! also, Jeffy wanted to go to the Eisner museum and I have two free tickets for it!!! we are doing that this Friday. Happy me, I already have a most of my week planned out already...rock ass.

I am finally hooked up through the ethernet at work, now I don't have to use my boss's computer all the time.
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