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So I am looking for prices on line for flights to Vancouver for next year. I had no idea you could buy a ticket to fly somewhere a year in advance. It's like a bank and shit, they just take yer money and save you a seat. I found the main site for Vancouver, it's got everything about the city on it, like events that are happening and weather and shit. They are cold over there now, it's like 53 degrees Farenheit. That kind of blows, I looked at the average temp for a normal year and it averaged out to around 60. Kind of like a permenant spring. That's not REALLY bad I guess, I just know that it's 60 outside right now and it's a little on the nippy side. I wish it would be always 75, everywhere. I hope that when I go to Vancouver, there will be some wierd weather phenomenon and it will be 75 the whole week!!! It's always partly sunny/cloudy there too, which is actually a perfect arrangement for me, since I have a mild allergy to the sun. Sometimes it even gets too sunny for me here in WI, if you can believe that!!

Maybe that means I am a vampire.....blah.......
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