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Yesterday I went to go get my tickets to "The Dancer Upstairs" after work, I had to go to the Sheperd Express building, which is on 2nd street. I found it easy, I just walked over there and it only took 10 minutes to get the tickets and get back to my bus. I can't wait to see this film, I have been following it ever since I have heard of it. The ticket I got is a special one, the movie does not come out until Sunday, actually, so Jeffy and I are seeing a sneak preview of it. That means we have to get there early because it will be crowded if it's at the Downer.

I felt myself starting to becaome a bit impatient this morning, and a little sad- when I wake up all I remember is that Daniel will not be here until next Wednesday and I can't help but feel shitty right away. Balls.

I feel so cheated sometimes. I know it won't stop, at least for a while *sigh*.... I don't know what to do. I find that when I cannot be with Daniel, that being with my very close friends has a large effect on helping me forget that I am sad. Being with Jeffy, in particular, has an overall posititve effect on me, I know I am protected and then I feel safe :). Sometimes I think of moving away, and I can't fathom leaving Jeffy here, Talleah too. It has come to the point where these are people I actually NEED in my life, because it just would not be complete without them. They are my family....

Well, I'll just put them in my suit case then, wether they like it or not. Yup. MMMMhmmmm. that's what's gonna happen. Or I'll pee.....I swear.

Speaking of pee, man, I really got to.
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