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Movie night...

Last night Daniel called and I was soooo happy to hear his voice! it really made me smile to hear him talk, I could listen to him for hours if I had the chance. We had a long conversation about lots of things, very interesting things at that. I was thinking about some of the things we talked about this morning, and I realized that organized chaos really does exist. One example would be like a concert, a wild one, not no Celine Dion stuff, like a crazy, loud heavy metal concert, one where you are surprized you came out alive. Concerts are organized social events, and yer in a big room with lots of people, going nuts because you can and because it's fun, although some take it too far, like when this chick tried to punch me to get in front of me at an Orgy gay is that???. Well, there you have it, organized chaos. I was trying to think of more examples where things are organized, but choatic, I came up with works of art, paintings can be chaotic too, a fight, where people agree to meet somewhere to fight each other, kind of like in grade school, when the bully tells you to be on the playground after school. I can't think of any other really good ones though. Hmmmmm. It's really an interesting concept though, organized choas...

Yesterday when I got off of work Carrie picked me up and we went to Kenosha to see some Shawn guy and to go to Woodman's, now when I walked into that store, I did'nt know that it was the same woodman's that we go to in Madison, but it was!! it looked exactly the same!!! I felt like I was in a dream and all of a sudden we were at the one Daniel and I go to, it immediatly reminded me of him. i was like "Dude!!! this is the place we go to in Madison!!!" all freaked out. I never got to see Kenosha really, and Carrie showed me all this stuff, where they used to hang out when she lived there and her old apt. there, it was really nice.

Tonight I work till 3:11 and I don't know when Jeffy will come over, I guess I should talk to him about it today sometime. It's movie night and club night. I am guessing we will go to club after the movie.
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