Chrystal Ann Kaminski (surrealkiller) wrote,
Chrystal Ann Kaminski


Well, last night I went to that movie after work with Jeffy, he picked me up and we went to his house then we had to take the bus all the way to the movie, because Jeffy's car was getting fixed. the movie "The Dancer Upstairs" was not what I had expected, it was very slow moving and I thought it needed more substance. I was kind of bored by it. I really am not THAT familiar with John Malchovich though, maybe his style is to go about something more slowly, I admit though, my expectation were way too high. I have a very bad habit of doing that. The language was hard to decipher times too, the main character struggled trying to speak with a decipherable english accent. It would have been easisier if he practiced more with it, to perfect his pronunciation. It must be really challenging to speak a language you don't use regularly. I was interested at times though, I liked the mystery of the film, it made me want to know what was going to happen next. Jeffy did not like it at all I don't think, he was wondering why he heard people walking out of the theatre saying how good it was. lol. I loved the imagery in the film, the country it took place in is beautiful, I would love to visit that part of spain sometime.

Club was so awesome, had a lot of fun as always, they payed thorns again!!! woo hooo!! HEEE HEE JOhn, I loooove that song! I don't care what you say! muuuaaahhaaha.....

Sara gave me CD'S!!!! ooo yeah baby, world music, I love world music af all kinds, even hindu music, there sense of rhythm amazes me.

Tonight I am at work till 4. I think Joshy and Nicky are still at the house with Carrie, I wonder if they will be there when I get home...
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