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I'm hungry...

So I am getting through my weeked without my baby just fine I think, better than I thought I would. Thursday night I went to see Matrix Reloaded with John Lee at the Prospect mall cinema. It was alright, it was a lot of fluff really.....I thought a few of the fight scenes were cool. John was nice enough to treat me though, than you again John :). I mainly had fun just chillin' with him, before that we went to Jaliscos for burritos, THAT was awesome MMMMMmmmmm.....burriots.

Friday I cleaned the house and Jeffy called, we could not got to the Eisner as planned because it closed early, so instead we went to PJ's sub's and saw Bryson, he hooked us up phat w/ some subbies.....tee hee subbies. Then umm....we went to Planet later on with Stacey and Kristi. I danced mt ass off!!! it was just like old times I swear....the old Planet days.

Today is Saturday, I am at Jeffy's and he's bieng really fucking lous right now with that damn microphone...I wish he would turn it off!!! ..........GOD...dammit. Anyway...we are about to go to Kaliegh's house to chill, then we are going to club tonight. I talked to Daniel today, his trip is going great so far, I am happy for him, but I really want him to come back soon. I can't wait till next Wed.

I guess we should go now, I really want Jeffy to turn that damn thing off......
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