Chrystal Ann Kaminski (surrealkiller) wrote,
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I've come undone.....

*Bright, blinding white light*

It's windy, and nothing but white

They walk toward each other, one of them carrying me, I am shrouded in long white robes, I am sleeping...

He does not want to give me away, his eyes are glossy and sad

The other one holds his arms out

The one who holds me hesitates, and looks at me, I am peacefully sleeping, comfortably in his arms

he kisses my forehead and looks to the one with his arms outstretched....

Strands of his black hair fall into his eyes as the wind blows softly around them

His eyes close slowly as he takes a few steps forward

and softly puts me into the waiting arms of the other

His blue eyes open, a tear falls slowly down his cheek, his eyes never leave the one holding me

They stare at each other, but there is no harm here, I never wake up

the light becomes too bright and flashes

all have disappeared, there is only a white void

Only light remains.....
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