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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
On the phone....

Last night I was talking to Daniel, and he brought up the fact that he wanted to go see Rollins Band play Black Flag songs when they come here to the Rave, I'm guessing that's where they will be anyhow....

"I will go if Jeffy goes" I said......So, I might be going to this old School Punk concert....Oh god.....

I have never heard anything from Black Flag, I have no idea what they sound like, Daniel said I probly would not be interested, but I will try anything once.....I mean, I DID make him go to DJ Funk with me right???

I guess I owe it to him then. Hmmmmmm......heh heh..but I got two drink tickets I never used from past shows left over, ye-uh, I'm so down if I get to have that Vodka I had there last time, got me faded after one drink only, holy shiiiaatt. That was at the Zeromancer concert, good times.

I went to Victoria Secret's yesterday with Carrie (One of her constantly frequented places of purchasing) and I saw Samantha Gast there (previously Sam Loehe), it turns out she workes there! I looked at her and stared, OH my god...it's Sam!!! I hugged her and just could not believe how different (And pregnant) she looked. She was happy and glowing, only three weeks away from her due date. I just was so stunned, her hair is short and curly cut just below her ears, I looked at her wedding ring, it was a unique set, a large square ruby on a silver band, "That's beautiful" I said. Carrie loved the ring too. She seemed so consumed by her large belly, I patted it...tee hee I like bellies!! It was so cute, I am glad she is so happy with her marriage and her life, it makes me more optomistic about my own future, I see that not everyone's relationships have turned ugly. My little Sammy....

I asked what the baby's name would be and she said "Harmony" I thought that was interesting, it's a girl, obviously. I told her good luck and that I would call her, I really should get an E-mail address instead, to make things easier.

SO today I am buying the rest of my computer online, good luck to me.


Sam is married?? and pregnant?? OMG.. to who??
wow..things change ..

Yeah, I could not believe it either!!! she's married to a guy named Dennis Gast, I have no idea who this guy is, but she has been with him for over two years now (which makes me think where the hell I have been all this time). Things really DO change, I remember last time I saw her she was rail thin, with black streaks in her hair and she was holding a cigarette!! That was at Jeffy's last birthday party on June 4th. Wierd, I wonder who will be next???


June 4th.. thats MY birfday too!!!!

yah to us gemini's and our evil twins..

who's next?? ME ME ME ME
I'm moving in with my boy this fall.. its a start eh?

LOL.. last time i saw her, she was stripping at a party I was at with Josh L. !!!!! talk about looooong ago.... I may have seen her since then, but i dont recall it.. lol


His actual birthday is June 3rd, but the party was on the fourth, yes!! I remeber the strip party at Wiesel you were there! I have a picture of you and Josh in my photo album from that day, I gave him the other one I think. Man...those Wiesels, I miss them, I think he should have like a reunion or something :)


lol.. hell yah.. a wiesel reunion.. !!

There is nothing... - (Anonymous)

She married this guy names Dennis Gast, I don't think we know him though, I sure don't :). But she's been with him for two years now, so I am guessing she's pretty happy :)

BLACK FLAG RULES... wench bring me a six pack....


That's the album you want to check out. It has most of the good Rollins/BF songs. Just look it up online, or if you're really lucky, you can find a copy for a few bucks at a Discman or some used place like that. Black Flag is really good music. Not your style, mayhaps, but good. If you get the chance, go. And then rub it in, because I'll be envious as hell.

Re: Damaged

lol...ok I will :) I actually AM going now, my boyfriend is making me!!! and yes, yes I will rub it in allll you want :)