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The almighty PC....

yesterday after work I went to Jeffy's house, I got there a little earlier than he did, because not only did his work keep him a bit later, but some asshole hit his car, did'nt do much damage though, just a little scratch on the bumper. After this one Joe dude came over, Jeffy and I bought the rest of my future PC online, I got my harddrive, my processor and my modem. Weeee! that's all done. Now it will be shipped to Jeffy's house, and by that time I will have my monitor and keyboard n' shit. My beast is in the making :). And it will be bad ass. Next comes the lights and fancy shit to pimp it out :). heh heh.

Well, Pat and Sara came over to Jeffy's and we all went to Zebb's, Parker, Joe and Kristi came too. It was a good time, even with all the flinging of grapes into each others mouths. Man, Sara got the biggest plate of fruit I have ever seen! Kristi ate Pat's oranges. Jeffy ate Sara's cottage cheese, not that anyone cares.....ummmm.......yup, food. They over charged me on my card.....oh well, it's not like I don't have the money or anything, it just kinda sucks, the lady who rang me up was a biatch.

Club rocked ass....awesome music (Thanks Pat) OOOhhhh man....THORNS!!!! hee hee I'm in love with that song.....I think I'll marry it. And what else, the Printer song!!! will somebody find me the printer song and put it on a cd? I know Sara can find it, she knows the real name. Man, I really gotta have Pat DJ at my wedding....I'm not gonna do the bunny hop or any of that gay shit, it's gonna be so damn cool :). I thought I was gonna die yesterday when Pat was driving, it's funny, cause I thought I would be used to it by now driving with Jeffy and Parker. I had fun though, like a roller coaster....weeeeee!!!

Well, this weekend I am looking at another Lincoln, hopefully Tyler can come with me and see if the machine is legit. I would be spending a thousand and it's a year newer than my current Lincoln and in better condition, the body is perfect, all white with no rust besides a little on the bumper in the rear. I really would prefer a moonroof, but I NEED a vehicle and this is the closest thing that I will settle for. I am VERY picky and hardheaded when it comes to buying cars, I will never settle for anything. My parents always yell at me for buying gas guzzlers, but what do I care? I don't even drive all that much anyway, it's not like I go to Chicago or anything.

I do, although owe Jeffy bigtime, so he is my first priority when it comes to picking people up and giving them rides. Other than that, probably Parker and Sara too. They have givin' me rides lots of times, I love you guys!!

Is there a festival somewhere this weekend??? I looove festivals, so if anyone wants to go to one, they should always call me!! No matter what, I always attend the St. Romans festival (I have since I was 2) and I have gone to the one in Greendale since I was in high school. What else, oh yeah St. Marys. I wanna go on that one ride that Talleah and I love, the "Alli Boobie" we call it, I love rides that whip you around sideways, and in circles, like the "Sizzler" or in some cases "Scrambler" and the "Tilt-o-Whirl". Oh I really want to go! The only one I don't like and will never go on is the stupid ride that looks like a space ship, I have always had aproblem with it even thought I have never been on it. I know why, because everytime I have watched the ride, when the people got off- it never fails- someone always has puke on them, either from themselves puking, or somebody else. Uhhh it's sooo nasty.

I started reading a book that Daniel gave me last night, so far it's interesting, the author makes these little jokes every once in a while that are so cute :). It does not seem like the book follows the standard way organizing the story into chapters, which is interesting, every few pages there are numbers that seem to separate the main ideas. I am quite interested to see how this book pans out though, so it should be fun.

Today I am at work until 5:13, I think it's odd that every day I punch in at 9:13 or 11:13 and I don't even plan to, wierd. I don't know what I am doing tonight, I need to call Talleah so maybe we can make some plans to hang out this weekend my Daniel will be here and I know we are going to Planet on Friday and club on Sunday with Kristy from Greendale. She really wants to see the little goth guy do his thang..heh.

I have officially finished my self portrait, now I will get it framed and hung in one of the galleries down here, most likely the Cafe, cause I actually want to see somethig of mine up there for once.
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