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As the weekend begins....

Friday. Tonight I go to Planet with Daniel, Jeffy and various others, I'm not sure who's all going yet, I had a damn good time last time I went, I hope this week is a repeat :).

There is no one else in the office today, I have not seen my boss in two days, I even called his house and he has not answered, I can't take care of this whole damn place by myself, these people need someone to help them with the damn packages on the loading dock, because little me can't move them even WITH the pallet jack. Yeah I'm a wuss....shut up.

Yesterday I applied to UWM for part time enrollment for fall 2003, I hope it all works out for me :). I am really hungry, I need food, I forgot to eat today, I always forget to eat now in the morning. Poo on that. I want my baby......cause I'm a happy snake :). This Saturday I will look at the new Lincoln and make sure it's worth buying, maybe I should start collecting Lincolns, I'll just get a whole bunch and put them all in a giant basket. Wow, Imagine how big that basket would have to be?? and once I got them in, how would I get them out? There could be a little trap door maybe...heh heh.....ummmm...

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