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So it's the weekend.....MMMMM Wumpscut....

hee hee...I'm listening to some Wump!!!! OOOh yeah power to the wumpness. On Friday Carrie and I went to was my first time, I loved it! gooood stuff. Then we went shopping and back home, Daniel came over later that night but he did'nt want to go to Planet, damn it, which was where we went that night, so he stayed home and went to sleep, Carrie and I went out, it was a pretty good time at the end of the night, at first there was like, no one there.....

Saturday: well, we got up at like 11:30 and ran around doing shit, went to a cafe in Shorewood, we went to see a movie at the Downer "Nowhere in Africa" it was fucking awesome...beutiful scenery and all that good shit.

Today I am at Jeffy's with Daniel, and we are about to go to a festival with a bunch of people. Earlier in the afternoon we went to Johnny V's house and stayed for a while to talk and I picked up my CD's from him, YEAYYYY Wumpscut and Zeromancer!

Eat my butt you all!!!! EATTTT ITTTT!!!!!
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