Chrystal Ann Kaminski (surrealkiller) wrote,
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Today is sooooo boring, I can feel it right now, I bet everyone is going to be doing nothing today, though I hope not I kind of want to see my other best friend Talleah today, but her girlfriend never lets her out of the house :(. I am supposed to be in figure painting right now, I have class on Fridays until 3:20 only, but it's the same class all six hours and I get sick of it by the end. We had to paint this old dude last week, I must say though, I like the painting I did this time around, I really do not deal with the figure that much on my own so this is my time to experiment. I gotta do some dumb ass paper for my biology class otherwise.....and I would rather be in my six hour figure class than that one at any time. poo....
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