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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
Too Early....

Alright, it's too damn early here....umm where did I leave off? Oh yeah, Sunday....I was at Jeffy's, and we did the festival thing, it was nothing special, a few of our friends got beers and that's it, we decided to go to Planet instead of staying there, which was not much more exciting, John V., Carrie and Laura came with us though, that was cool. I ended up having a very interesting conversation with John about religion, and ya know, you really do learn something new every day :).

Monday there was like NOTHING open, so Daniel and I went to La Fuente and had lunch, oh it was gooood! yes, yes I was fat and happy. We ate outside and out chips kept flying away, it was real windy out there.. heh heh, I thought that was so funny, until I wanted more chips.....

I saw Sara at Planet!!! yeay!! Sara! I had no idea she would be there, we gotta do the picnic thing soon....it's gettin' warmer out :)

MMMMM 70's, today it will be 70. Finally.

I listened to one of my CDs from John last night, it was awesome, the Wumpscut one, kick ass. He did not put "Thorns" on there for me though, just to be an ass.....goddamn you John. I will get it you know, you just wait!

Sara said Pat put the Printer song on a CD for me!!! yeay! I can't wait to have it. Dinner, I will have it for dinner, I mean, at dinner - when we go on Wed. heh heh. Yeah, I'm gonna eat the CD. Maybe I would if I was really hungry one day, and that's all I had with me. hmmmm....plasticky...

I did'nt buy that car I looked at this weekend, because the kid who was selling it did not know anything about cars, I test drove it and the damn thing had a rod knock in the engine and an exhaust leak, along with little electrical problems - I am way better off fixing my own car. DAMN it. I am too lazy to drag it out of the garage though. Oh well, I might.

I remember one day when I was 9, I picked up a fuzzy black and orange caterpillar because it was cute, and I petted him for awhile and let it go. Later on I found that I was itching all over, I looked closely at my hands and saw the fur of the caterpillar all over me, it turns out it's fur had little spines on it, so it would stick to your skin.

Damn defense mechinisms, damn that caterpillar.

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Re: Hmm

That sounds really cool, thanks for all the info, I think I will do the engine thing, because I have about a grand I can spend on my car, so money is not a problem for me. Where would you suggest I look for an engine anyway? I have been told I will never find one because they are hard to come by, and I have been told it will cost about $800.00 including labor if I go to a place like Gemini, where I usually go. Is there like a junkyard that will out an engine in for me? cause I think that would be cheapest.

I'll do some digging

, but, yeah, a junk yard would be where to look. They will usually put it in for you, too. I'll try to look some for you tonight when I get home. Are you right in Milwaukee? Does your car run at all? 'course, you'd have to get it to them for them to work on it unless they come and get it (which, they might actually do ...)

Re: I'll do some digging

I am in Milwaukee, I live right next to Shorewood off of Humboldt, yes my car CAN run, but it revs really high when I start it up, probly due to my oil leaking out all over the place, my poor car, it really kills, I don't know- I may have to tow it :(. YOu should see the river of oil and engine juices underneath my car, it pees all over!!!