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It's a sin....

Last night was movie night, I actually liked that movie alot, "Phone Booth" it was called, not your typical high budget film, I really liked the way did that picture in picture thing to show what the other people in the movie were doing. Lots of people were there, Joei and Ricki, Sam, my Carrie, Carrie marks & her boyfriend and many others were there. And of course, Lord Jeffy himself :).

Carrie liked the movie, but she was on the phone with Nick at the end of the night and it kind of made her a bit sad so I did'nt go out to eat with everyone, instead I went home with her and talked about things on the way there, when we got in, we watched the rest of "KIDS" good film, all about sex n' shit, but I can say that (I) have never lived that wildly.

Hey guys.....guess what I'm eating? It's round.....aaaaand it's light brown with glaze. It's a Krispy Kreme!!! yeaayyy!! a little doughnut all for me. I had two actually, muuaaah. I put them in the microwave and they were soo gooooood. They are the only doughnut I can eat that do NOT make me sick at all. Jeffy says it's because they are made with penut oil. MMM hmmmm!

I went to a petshop with Carrie Yesterday after work and we saw an albino parakeet, imma get it. It's good, and it has red eyes. I think I will have Sara name it, I trust her naming skills, so Sara......what should I name my new bird?

Yeah, I don't know what I am doing tonight, I want to go out to dinner with Pat and Sara, but I am supposed to go to Have a nice day cafe tonight afterwards with Parker and Jeffy and some other people, just to check out this new "Wicked Wednesdays" thing they are having now. Should be interesting. SO guys, I will be home tonight at 3:30, I will call all of you if I don't get ahold of you on the computer.

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