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I only come here....seeking peas!!

Where do I begin.....oh Wed. yeah, I had fun that day, went home after work, called Sara and we made plans to go eat at Lulu's, which, by the way, is an awesome place........succumb to the slaw......yes, the slaw. Anyway, Pat and Sara came to get me and we left quite early, like at 5 something, so we had time when we were done eating so they took me to thier house and Pat gave me the CD's he burnt for me and a CD disk drive for my PC Yeaaayyyy!! stuff....I love stuff! those CD's rock ass, now I get to listen to the printer song any time I want :), I listened to it on the bus this morning. We went to my house after getting my loot cause we had time to kill and Jeffy called to change the plans, we ended up not going to have a nice day cafe, so we settled for club instead eventhough we all were in the mood for a little change. Club was good tho, I had fun at least.....heh heh, I got to stay after everyone left the bar, it was wierd to be there when it was so empty, and it echos in there. The car ride home was fun, Sara was drunk and she was so funny!! heehee...she kept saying that Desdemona was a "Smushy-face" kitty, god it was hilarious, I love those guys are my HEROS!

Thursday I did'nt really do anything, I left work early to go somewhere with Carrie and we swung over to Meg's to pick up Josh and Nicky, they helped her move. We then just hung out at home, Josh and I talked for along time, and I realized how much I missed our little talks we used to have highschool, That goes for Jeffy and I too.

I am busy at work today, I have alot to order over the phone, and I really don't want to do that today. But I have to hmmmm...I forgot to get new time cards out. poo. I go to Daniels house tonight, I can't wait to go. When I am up there I am going to go somewhere were I can buy a keyboard and a mouse, and then when I come back next week I will buy my monitor because Jeffy will then have all my stuff ready so we can put my system together. Now I just need a windows disk.

Stick it in :P.
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