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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
Dumb guy.....

So I was talking to this guy on AIM and he was asking for my picture, he kept trying to get my number and shit, it was sooo gay, this guy just would not quit, man, I was not in the mood, sometimes, I wish I had a pocket full of viruses, but I have a mac, so my chances of finding a mac virus are probly pretty slim and every one has a PC, so I would not even be able to use it. DAMN my puter gets in the way again, well, at least it's a work computer now.

Club quote: Me "I don't know how you could spend $4.00 on a beer"

Pauly "When you like beer as much as I do.....you get it - and you pay"

My solution for this dumb guy

Instead of giving your number, you should GET his name, number, and more important, his LOCATION. Then you call your close and trusted friends, give them that information, and you never hear from him again. Plus, said friends get to let off some steam. Everyone goes home happy.

Except for the dumb guy, but he was dumb anyway, and dumb people just can't be all that happy, because, after all, they're dumb.

Re: My solution for this dumb guy

Woot ta that.....ye-uh..I'll have like a posse n' shit. heh heh....cool, I'm glad someone loves me enough to kick some major ass for me :).

Can I have your number??

Actually having a Mac makes it all the more safe to get and stash PC viruses for such occasions.

"Why does your pic's file end in .exe instead of .jpg or .gif?"

"Because it's a slideshow of all my nude photos!"

"It doesn't seem to work..."

"Ok, lemme try sending you a different one I made more recently."

and so on, Bwahahahahahaha!!!

dude, i know all about macs. they suck ass. my dad is a graphic designer and macs are great for that... only they suck for everything else. i feel your pain dude. *kisses*

cant wait to dance with you again!


I cringe whenever I hear people knock a computer like that. There's nothing wrong with Macs, they're just not mainstream, so therefore have less support and less cool things for 'em. I own 2 Macs, rarely power 'em up, but I love 'em and want more. They make great video and audio computers, as well as graphic design and desktop publishing. The worst thing about a Mac is the Game selection, and the often buggy OS (not like Windows never had problems).

I could go on and on.... but I'm a geek like that... maybe I should go online all week with just my PowerMac 7100, to show it that I still care.

Re: y'know...

ok... in that case, my dad has a basement full of macs... hes trying to get rid of them if your intrested. im sure they wont be too expensive or if he even wants money at all.....

Re: y'know...

My computer feels special now!!! it says thanks.....you know what a friend of mine said the other day? he said that a big reason people say they hate Macs is because they don't know how to use them!!