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Yeay meeee.....

Saturday night I saw one of th emost awesome movies, it's called "Heaven" and it had the most amazing imagery, great camera work, it took place in Italy, and it made me want to go back - and stay there, I always swore I would live there someday, either there or Germany. SO yeah, after that we went home and watched another movie and made pasta, we made cooked together for the first time! we up our own pasta sauce, and it was reaaallly good, we mixed a four cheese sauce/tomato, I think a white alfreado and one other sauce. Whatever it was, it was damn good.

Sunday we got up and lazed arounf the house for a bit, I went out on to the porch to bask for a few minutes here and there. We had to meet his parents around five at the golf club so we got ready and did all that, his step brother and his girlfriend were there too, so we got to talk with them. Matt (stepbrother) was not real talkative, maybe he was thinking about his flight to New York...I mean afterall - he IS going to Juliard (sp?) right now to stay for a summer program. I would damn excited if I was him. No fair, I want to go to New York right now.

This morning I woke up and looked at my dresser at the end of my bed with my new computer parts all over it, I can't even see my door anymore when I am sitting on my bed. Last night I had to find a table to put my puter on, and all I had was my dresser, so I put my case, monitor and keyboard/ mouse on there and I noticed how small my dresser really is. All that shit just dwarfs my poor dresser, I hope it does'nt break. I need a bigger table, but for now that will have to do because my room is too small to get a bigger one in there and there's no way I'm gonna put my computer anywhere else besides my room, in fact, now I am going to lock the door to my room whenever I leave. I can't wait till Jeffy comes over tomarrow so we can put it all together.

Today I get off of work at 3:05, I gotta go to the bank and then go to the eastside for a money order, then I will be home around 5:30.
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