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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]

SO I went to Anything the other day....awesome!!!! I must say, that first band rocked the cock...hell yeah. I was dancing and shit through the whole thing. I wish they had a bigger dance floor though. I was faded again, we went to Dennys and saw Jodis boyfriend get decked at the table across from us, his nose was bleeding. I am not looking forwars to school tomarrow, I really do hate the idea of school, I always think of dropping out, but I don't because I only have one year to go yet. I really do not have the mentality to go to school, I can work everyday, but I can't always focus. At least not right now. Ever since kindergarten I remember hating school, my teacher was so mean, she would lock me behind desks and make me work on the floor if I did not finish my work in time. Gay, what a bitch. Her name is Mrs. Fugihara She was japanese. I think my outlook on school was forever demolished from that point on. Oh well, that's ok I guess I will have to deal for now. Yes the club on wednesday should be cool, Brittany owes me a drink!!! Thaaaaank you Brittany :).


i keep my promises, don't worry :)