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First of all, it's Jeffy's birthday today, officially. *hugs Jeffy* Mr. Motherfucker, you are 22 years old today ;).

Also, Pat and Sara are engaged *hugs both of them* I love you guys, congrats again....

Seems like alot of good going around today, my mom just called to say she got her old job back, they called looking for her because they wanted her to work for them again (she was laid off three years ago). The job is at Northwest airlines, and she will be making way more than she is now, like about six dollars more, so were gonna be sitting pretty good for a long time, like we were when she used to work there. The only thing that sucks is that she has to work third shift. Balls. SHe hates third, but you get paid some fatty cash so it's all good. Now that's not only good news for her, but for me as well, since she works at the airport, her and her family members get to fly anywhere for free. OH my god.....I am so damn excited about this, I don't think there is a better time that this could have happened.....this means that I can go to Vancouver more than twice next year AND Carrie and I can go visit Brian in the winter. Heh heh and speaking of flying, it's first class all the way baby...heeelll yeah. I am so fuckin' happy right now....I can finally have my traveling life back.....I used to do nothing but travel when I was in high school, I am more than exstatic to get back into that life style again.

Yesterday Jeffy came over at like 7:30 with all my computer stuff, dude, there was so much shit.....I can't believe that he knows where all that stuff goes and how it works, I would not know where to begin. It was his first time putting a motherboard in though, he says to me "SO is it a good time to tell you this is my first time doing this?" as he takes my $230.00 motherboard out of it's protective, non-static wrapping, I cringed at him a little, as if the wrapping were protecting my expensive casserole of little metal pieces and plastic from some horrible, staticky fate. But I trusted him, I thought that if he really thought he would screw up, he would'nt have offered to do it in the first place. We talked a bit after he finished putting the pieces I had in my case. I do need some other things tho, so this week sometime I have to go and get my DVD drive and with it, the other necessities.

Tonight I AM going to my bank for sure, because I really need to pay my credit card bill and get jeffy's money I owe him for givin gme his HD.

I get to see my baby graduate now!!!! weeeeee!!!!
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