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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]

Last night I went to the bank after work and got the money for my credit card payment. I really was not feeling well yesterday, I had a headache and when I got home I found that the cat puked all over the carpet....I really don't think I am diggin' the cat at the moment.....

My landlord showed up and saw Desdemona behind me, "Shit" I thought.....we are not supposed to have cats up here......but Lori the landlord did'nt say anything about it. She came up by me to tell us that we have a new lawn mower and that the guys downstairs put it together for us. "OK" I said, unamused....I told her about the car in the garage that prevents me from getting to mine...all she said was that I should switch sides with the nieghbors. "Dumbass.." I thought......the car WILL still be too big no matter WHAT side it's on. She did'nt even notice the fact that the car did not belong to our nieghbors, they are storing someone else's car in there. What the fuck? if I was storing another persons car in there she would have my ass for it. Cunt....

Anyway, I am feeling ignored today I guess, and it's making me irritable. I am kind of sad about it. And I want to do something tonight, but I have no idea what I should do, Carrie wants me to go to club, but I want to go to Wicked Wednesdays with Jeffy like we were supposed to last week. I dunno....

Emotion: gloomygloomy
Hey you!

Wow that really sucks about your landlord. With everything you have told me she sounds like a real piece of work. At least she didn't go batshit over the cat. If I am not mistaken isn't this cat puking more and more recently? What if she is sick?

Hang in there sweetheart you know there is somone over here that thinks about you, worries about you and loves you. I know it really sucks(that is an understatment) that I can't come out this Wed. either. But I think we can get through it. There is a lot more ahead of us as well. I can call you whenever. But I would like to call you tomorrow. Remember if all else is gone I still believe in you.

Re: Hey you!

Thank you honey......I love youuuu!! where is my baby? I a pink snake and I need my baby, I want coil up on his lap :) I am feeling better now.....is it ok if we go to Pridefest Friday? I have two free tickets, Jeffy and Kristi and Angela and I are going to go, we are also spending the night at Jeffy's if that's ok with you, then we will not be late for the PARTY!!! weeeee! I need a bikini honey.....I should go get the lady bug one I saw at Hot Topic.