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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]

Last night I went to have a nice day cafe, it was real dead though and it costed me $5. I guess it was not THAT bad, but it was'nt "fun"...I don't know, I thought there would have been more people. Jeffy, Kristi and I meet Pauly there, he got in free, lucky bastard. The best part about cafe was that we all got free Pridefest tickets, 2 a piece and we had one of those fish bowl drinks, Pauly, Jeffy and I drank the whole thing right when we got it, there were like five straws in it and we just drank it non-stop, Jeffy kept getting brain freeze.. hee hee.

We went to club at 11 and I went in Pauly's car...aweeee! It's so cute! I looove that little Mazda, I want one. I had a damn good time at club, except for my minor gut rot from that fish bowl drink. I talked to Josh for awhile, ANOTHER Josh, I can't keep them straight anymore. Apparently he lives right around the corner from me AND he works down the block from MIAD. I was like "Holy shit! I have probly seen you a million times". He was pretty cool, he's like a master computer guy at some Microsoft company. I don't know exactly what he does, but he says he has six computers in his house, "I wanna see" I told him. So he has invited Daniel and I to come to a barbecue sometime on a Sunday, 'cause he has a cook out every Sunday. I would'nt mind that, as long as I could bring Jeffy too.

Speaking of Jeffy, last night he was taking Angela, Kristi and I home and Angela mentioned that she had no bread at home to make a penut butter and jelly sandwitch with. SO, we stopped at a Walgreens and ya know what Jeffy bought? Bread, for Angela. I see him doing these wonderful things for her all the time and it just reminds me of how sweet Jeffy really is, that is one of the things I appreciate in him most. He will do things for people just for the hell of it, not because he HAS to. I think, that sometimes he does not get enough credit for it, wether he wants it or not. But that's just something I can't look over, because I have lots of respect and appreciation for qualities such as those. Jeffy is a constant reminder that human biengs really are capable of acts of "Random Goodness" every once in a while.

So this weekend, I am going to Pridefest.....I wonder how that will go, I have never been there before, I will be sure to call Talleah Friday so she can meet up with us too, because she goes every year. I heard the music rocks there, LOTS of techno. This should be good...

Emotion: okayokay

you are right. everyone needs a Jeffy.


I have 6 computers in my room alone! 6 in a house is NOTHING!!! I totally OWN that guy!!

No barbecues here for a while though, sorry! Too much mess.

Re: PSH!!!

Really? holy shit....I did'nt know that anyone I knew had more than one....geeeez..I only have two...

Things that make you go... Hey, wait a minute!

Uh, normally I wouldn't want to say this in a public place.... but I used to be friends with that Josh guy (like 4 yrs ago?). Stay away from him, I'll tell ya more later in person.... but basically he's a liar, and a braggart. My ex-boyfriend used to work with him at the compamy he (Josh) works for still.....you can ask him about Josh if ya wanna (uh, there's soemthing quite amusing about this actually...), and he used to call the house all the time with "computer questions" when I was over....he really doesn't know SHIT about computers compared to other people you know (well I know them... maybe you don't uh Channk, Kaelin, Ashebrooke, Jeffy, PAT even heh) besides, uh I have bizarre fetishes and all.... but in my opinion his are straight up frightening. Go ahead, ask him....

Oh Pat says he has that disk copied for you.

He's not the genius he claims to be, YES he does work at a company that uses computers, I can't even remember what they do anymore, but frankly I find him extremely conceited, and pretty much an ass. I tried to be friendly with him still but I would NEVER EVER EVER hang out with him outside of the club

Besides we have 4

well... technically 5 computers in the house now... you can come over and look at them if you wish, ;)-


Assumpations make an ass out of you and me.....

BUT.... I do NOT think Jeffy and conceited boy...er I mean Josh will get along, Jeffy will see through him.

Re: P.S.

Very true, I think they would not get along, but I know that Jeffy would play nice anyway....te ehe

Re: Besides we have 4

5 computers in a house is NOTHING!! I OWN you guyz!!

Ok, I'll shaddup now!

Re: Besides we have 4

I'll come over and see all yer puters!!!! pooootererr! haa haa, it's funny because as Josh was telling me all this stuff, I was thinking that he had like massive computers or something, like mainframes and shit.....