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Last night I went to have a nice day cafe, it was real dead though and it costed me $5. I guess it was not THAT bad, but it was'nt "fun"...I don't know, I thought there would have been more people. Jeffy, Kristi and I meet Pauly there, he got in free, lucky bastard. The best part about cafe was that we all got free Pridefest tickets, 2 a piece and we had one of those fish bowl drinks, Pauly, Jeffy and I drank the whole thing right when we got it, there were like five straws in it and we just drank it non-stop, Jeffy kept getting brain freeze.. hee hee.

We went to club at 11 and I went in Pauly's car...aweeee! It's so cute! I looove that little Mazda, I want one. I had a damn good time at club, except for my minor gut rot from that fish bowl drink. I talked to Josh for awhile, ANOTHER Josh, I can't keep them straight anymore. Apparently he lives right around the corner from me AND he works down the block from MIAD. I was like "Holy shit! I have probly seen you a million times". He was pretty cool, he's like a master computer guy at some Microsoft company. I don't know exactly what he does, but he says he has six computers in his house, "I wanna see" I told him. So he has invited Daniel and I to come to a barbecue sometime on a Sunday, 'cause he has a cook out every Sunday. I would'nt mind that, as long as I could bring Jeffy too.

Speaking of Jeffy, last night he was taking Angela, Kristi and I home and Angela mentioned that she had no bread at home to make a penut butter and jelly sandwitch with. SO, we stopped at a Walgreens and ya know what Jeffy bought? Bread, for Angela. I see him doing these wonderful things for her all the time and it just reminds me of how sweet Jeffy really is, that is one of the things I appreciate in him most. He will do things for people just for the hell of it, not because he HAS to. I think, that sometimes he does not get enough credit for it, wether he wants it or not. But that's just something I can't look over, because I have lots of respect and appreciation for qualities such as those. Jeffy is a constant reminder that human biengs really are capable of acts of "Random Goodness" every once in a while.

So this weekend, I am going to Pridefest.....I wonder how that will go, I have never been there before, I will be sure to call Talleah Friday so she can meet up with us too, because she goes every year. I heard the music rocks there, LOTS of techno. This should be good...
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