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Friday: Went home after work, got to Southridge and talked to Spider for a little while, Jeffy picked me up and we went to his house for awhile, I played on the computer while he showered and shit, we then left and went to a few stores and I took him out to eat at Red Lobster for his birthday, heee hee...I made the waitresses do the happy birthday thing for him, they sang and gave him free ice cream :). It was really cute! after that we went over to get Kristi and then back to my house, Jeffy dropped me off and he and Kristi went to get food and then he dropped her off at home. Daniel and I showed up around 12:30 or so, we talked for awhile with Jeffy and went for a walk to the park in Greendale where we used to always go when we were younger, we had a pretty good time, it was nice having just the three of us chillin'. We went back to the house and realized we needed more milk cartons so we went to Speedway and took some of thiers. I think we went to bed at like 5:30..

Saturday: I woke up before the boyz did.....they slept 'till like 1:00PM. I was up at 11:00, bounding around Jeffy's house with my puffer fish from Mc. Donalds that Jeffy gave me, I was filling it up with water in the bathroom and trying to make it squirt...but it did'nt want to. Bad fishy! so yeah, after the guys finally woke up everybody took a shower and got ready to do shit. We went to my mom's house to get my video camera, I was so excited to show my mom Jeffy because she has not seen him in years....I was like "Mom Look it's Jeffy!" haha...that was cute, we went inside and talked for a little while, I got money and clothes from my mom, then we left and went to Cousins and then to Walgreens to get soem HI-8 tapes for my camera. Then the party started, and it was good, as always I had a blast and this time I was actually tipsy. Man those burgers were soo good, nice and rare as I like 'em. I also had one of Sara's garden burgers too, I could barely tell it was not meat, actually. I was really happy that Sara stayed longer, and little John was there too, which was cool. I think I only saw three people I did'nt know. Yes, I got the "Fatty Patty" stuff on tape, anyone who wants to watch it will have to hang out with me so I can show ya, unless you want to copy the tape :).

Sunday: Daniel and I woke up to pouring rain.....sucky morning, but the afternoon was great. We saw a really good film, it was called "The man on the train" I really was impressed by the homey feeling this movie gave me, it was like, cozy or something. It made me think of how exciting so much of my life has been. I am grateful for all the traveling I have done and all the places I have been, I really can say that I have had an overall positive life experience as a whole. I never thought I would say that, but I really am happy with my life. I'm not starving, homeless or dirty and poor. I have lots of great friends and aquaintences, I like my job, and I am almost done with getting my degree as an painter. I only have little things to work out here and there I guess, but nothing really terrible, at the moment *knocks on wood*, I just hope it lasts...

Today I am working on the time cards right now, after work I think I will go and buy some food at the Outpost...then I'm not sure what I will do.
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