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This weekend is...

St. Roman's festival...yeayyyy!!! June 12, 13, 14, 15 - 2003. So let's see...that's Thursday Friday AND Sat. & Sun. cool. I don't know what days people can go, but someone should come with me this weekend. Like last year, we will probly get a big group and go, the only thing that sucks about this festival now is that it only lasts till 12PM, because of the dumbasses that think it's cool to start fights at festivals. Fuck them.

Last night I had a blast with Carrie, we went to Kenosha and visited a few of her friends, and one of mine, Meridith, who looks soo different now, I even got her on camera. I got to meet her boyfriend and see thier apt. too. After we saw them, we went to see this guy named Patrick and talked to him for awhile, then we went to Jamie's house, and hung out there for a long time. We were there for like three hours or so, looking at his new computer system, it looks just like mine!! same keyboard and mouse and even our cases look alike. He just graduated from Parkside with a masters in computer technology, he wants to come over and look at my puter too and he's gonna put some of his ghetto music in there for me. We talked for a long time and I had so much fun, this guy is so funny.... hehe, we did'nt get home till like 2 AM.

Tonight I want to go to movie night, so I'll probly see some of you there :).

I miss my Daniel...
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