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T-aking a-way......

Last night was fun I went to Beans and Barley with Jeffy, Pat & Sara and little John and Drew. I got to see John's new car he got at an auction, it's pretty nice, but mine's still cooler :) heh heh. Town cars beat Crown Victoria any day, even if it's sitting in the garage right's still cooler... and bigger...It'll eat yer children...

Club was alright, I danced to the coolest Patalicious songs, yes PAT-a-licious because Pat plays the good stuff!! and I danced with my Sara and talked to my Joshy and Carrie. It was HOT in there...Pat, you should tell them to crank up the air conditioning! or bring the music of the two.

So the plan for today is that Jeffy, Pat and I are supposed to go to the computer store, then to Pat's house and then back to my house later. I don't know what time this will all be going on, but I will find out. Tee hee. I need my stuff from Jeffy's car...

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