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Well today I am sick, very sick, I went home early from work today, I got on the bus n' shit, I just said fuck it, I'm goin' home....I know I will be at the club tomarrow though, I'm not that sick, but I AM sick enough to stay home from school :). Tee hee. I called someone I have not talked to over the phone in a while, my friend Logan. I invited him to the club tomarrow but he said his car is dead and he lives way out in Waukesha so I have really no chance in getting him a ride there. We had a cool conversation. I am taking pictures for Hobbes band on Friday, in Waukesha at the "Teen center" it feels kind of wierd bieng surrounded by highschoolers now, but I just think of my little brother and I guess it's not so bad, after all, I am getting patd for it right? yeah....hmmmmm what else, I saw someone else I have not seen in a while at the club on Saturday, Pauly.....and I have to say, damn he looked good :). I love it when guys dress up all snazy n' shit. If I did'nt go to art school I would probably dress a lot nicer but why ruin my good clothes by getting paint all over them? I think the last time I put on my nicest dress was when my now X-boyfriend Kyle took me to my favorite resturaunt "Pieces of Eight" right next to the art museum on the lake. I remember the view from that huge bay window we were seated by was gorgeous, and the food their rocks the casbah all the way, crab cakes and lobster tail, my favorite dinner. Damn I'm hungry now......maybe I should have a snack :).
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