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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
She has faith

Friday: went straight to Talleah's house from work, we talked and watched some wierd ass TV and orderd some dinner from this place in Cudahy close to her house. The soup was waaaaay salty, it kind of sucked, and the mashed potatoes were kind of gay too. Next time we should order from somewhere else I think. I went home at about 8, this wierd guy on the bug would not leave me alone and the bus driver yelled at him "Leave her alone, I'm not gonna tell you again!" really loud. Heh heh, sometimes I wish I was a guy. So I got home and Daniel showed up at like 10:00 or so and we went to bed around 12 or so.

Saturday: Got up like 12PM, went to Jean Pierre's cafe, had a great breakfast and then went to the Outpost and I got a new crystal and some real jade chopsticks, they came with two cute jade turtles too!!! aweeee...I looove them, so when I got home I put them both next to Pat and Sara's picture right above our counter :) they look nice there. Later on we called Andrew to find that he was not comming to visit us, soooo we had the whole day to do whatever. We were disappointed but we decided to go back to Madison because we had to go to his parent's house anyway on Sunday. SO we drove up there and went to a little place to eat, the food kind of sucked but the atmosphere was great, and the drinks - Ohhhh man....I had a sugar margarita and it was so damn good (Love that tequila) I was tipsy after drinking not even half of the drink! I was thinking "Damn...I'm really warm and fuzzy right now...and a little dizzy" lol Show's how much I drink I guess.

Sunday: We went to Daniel's dad's house in Oregon, I had a great time, the weather was beautiful, I had a glass of wine in my hand and I was surrounded by nice people :). I love that house, I took my video camera out there and walked around the house with it so I could show my mom what it looks like (She loves big houses) so I did that after we ate. I had fish and lobster and then a salad and a cookie and fruit afterwards...man his parents really know how to eat, every time we are with them, I eat sooo much and I fell fat like my blowfish toy. We drove back last night at like 8 and watched the second Godfather movie when we got to my place, we watched the first one Saturday night. I looove those movies now - I can't wait to see the third.

Today: I am going to pay a bill that Carrie and I skipped on paying for a week, well, now it's due today. And I talked to Jeffy about swing dancing lessons, it seems that they are $5 a lesson and they start at 8 on Tue. which works out with my schedule perfectly :). I am very excited about that, I miss dancing lessons, I used to be an irish dancer when I was young and I quit when I was 10 - I really wish I would not have and this gives me a chance to get back into some serious dancing again.

We need some other couples to come with us, I think it would be cool if we could get a bunch of us together for this, it would be fun and something really new for our group to get into. I am really anticipating the change of scenery and pace during the week. Daniel will not be comming down this Wed. because he would rather go to a concert in Madison, which is OK I guess...I'm just a little sad about it because I only get to see him on weekends. I could see if he really could not afford it, but that's why I gave him money for gas last night, I was kind of hoping then it would make it easier for him since he said last week that if he could budget to come out here Wed. he would :( I guess he has other plans.

Well I should go and do the rest of the time cards and order these lights for my boss now. Se ya'll later...

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Yey, turtles by us...

I think Pat and I are gonna do the swing thing with ya.... that would be fun....

Dan is a poopy head.... uh, Hi Dan. ;)

Re: Turtles

Dude! are you really gonna come and dance with us? that would be sooo cool...I was talking to Jeffy about it yesterday and I said that I wished you guys would come with us and I did'nt even have to ask! :)....weeeeee......well, it starts tonight at 8:00 and it costs $5.00 a lesson, I will call you tonight when I get home from work if you want to work out the details :).

I've actually heard of the swing lessons, at the Ale House in particular, a long time ago. I was sorta interested then, as I am now, but unfortunately I'm nowhere near being part of a couple.

Heard of it in Yahoo Chat of all things... usually people with "swinger" in their names means something else, but not that time...

Well, actually, you don't need a partner. It's probly way different than you are thinking.....what they do is they have all the ladies on one side of the room and the men are on the other, then they pair you up with a partner and you switch partners the whole time you are dancing. So even if you did get a partner to come with, you may not even get to dance with them! I did'nt get to dance with Jeffy until after the lessons were over with :). Fell free to come with us next Tue. it would be cool if you could come!!