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I am convinced....

That when I get home, I'm gonna throw a light switch rave in my room. I looove strongbad :).

Tonight is swing dancing at 8:00, it should be fun - next week Pat and Sara are going to come with us yeayyyy! it's a damn nice day out, I get off of work at exactly 3:12 I'm gonna go visit Carrie at work I think. I hope she paid that bill, I left her money for it on the table - hopefully she remembered.

I looked at my CPU fan online, it's pretty fancy I guess, the company who makes it had a really nice website, everything is so easy to understand, I even called the company in California and they told me all about my little windy friend and they told me how to put on the heat sink paste and stuff. It's really not that hard, I mean ya stick a little on there and it will spread by itself when you clip the fan on. and the little sensor that goes underneath the CPU really is not that hard to work with either, you just put it under there and tape it with the tape that it came with. Jeffy said tonight after our dance lessons he will come over and help me with it :). I want to know alot mor eabout this computer stuff now, I'm all interested, I actually sat down with my two books that came with my motherboard and my fan and read them.

The other day I got this dollar bill that has a tracking website on it, it says "Track this bills journey!" on it and then there is a website I can go to so I can type in my dollars serial #. I thought that was cool, so I'm gonna do that and then take the dollar to ohio and spend it. I wonder how many other people have tracked it. That's a cool little game :).

I called my dad last night and talked to him for a little while, it was nice to do that since I never really do. I felt bad about not calling him on fathers day, but I was up in Madison. He understood. I did'nt know my dad liked to watch fear factor...he made me turn it on and watch it while I was on the phone with was gross...they were eating worms. Then there was this show that was on afterwards........for love or that's a gay show. I suddenly remembered why I stopped watching TV.
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