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Swing away.....

Last night I had a real good time.....Jeffy and I went to our swing dancing lessons, I thought it was quite easy at first, but by the time you are almost done, it gets sort of complicated - it lasted for about an hour or so and by the end there were so many people that you could barely move around, I kept bumping in to people while dancing. I must say that it's alot easier for the women than it is for the guys, because they are supposed to lead us, and we basically just follow thier movements. SO it puts more pressure on the guys to know all the moves. The women are basically swung around by the guys, we just have to make sure we know where to put our feet and how to keep the rhythm going. I was so happy though, to learn a new way of dancing, I am certainly going back next Tuesday because I had a blast, it really is a good way to meet people too, except for the fact that the main age there ranges from about 30-60, there were a few younger people, but not many. I really wished that Daniel could have been there, I think he would have found that entertaining.

After that Jeffy and I went to Pizza Puddle, I saw my old best friend Nicole there, whom I have not seen in two years. She is getting divorced already and her daughter is turning one this month. God damn how time flies. I can't believe she is getting divorced! and she already has a new boyfriend, his name is Dan too, I was like "Yeah, I have a Dan too". I really miss her, but she is not the same person I knew before....I don't think we would get along as well as we once did if we became friends again.

After puddle, we walked over to Node and then to my house to fix my computer. Earlier that day, little John came over with Drew and he helped me put in my CPU fan, it was a bitch for him because he could not get the fan because my power supply was in the way, so he took it off and then finally got the fan on, of course, I watched him do it - in fact, I would not leave him alone in the room with my computer. I stared at him like a hawk, muuauaaahaa. But anyway, when I got home with Jeffy, he hooked up all the rest of the wires to everything and I was good to go. I was afraid to turn it on.....Jeffy had to do it.....he was like "You wanna do it, or should I?" I cringed and stood back a little, watching him push the button. And then came the whirring of all three fans and the blue lights of my CPU fan and the rainbow colored fan on the side of my case lit up like northern lights. It was beautiful baby...ohh yeah. A moment of triumph for Jeffy, afterall it really IS his master piece. The only thing that sucked was the fact that my motherboard did not come with a monitor hook up, only the sound card was included. So I guess that now I must buy a damn video card *sigh* I really wish I would have known that earlier, I really wanted to start up my entire system and so did Jeffy, we were kind of bummed about that. Nicky said he would help me with the video card finding, because that is really something I really do not know much about. "Well, it did'nt blow up!" I said. I was very happy about that. I am going straight to Jeffy's after I go home and change for club and have my snack, I may take a nap too, lately I have been taking little naps after work. It's cute cause the kitty will nap with me :). Yup a busy little week I have had, and it's gonna get more busy.

Last weekend, I had a really smooshy carrot when I went out to eat with Daniel, man was it smoooooshyyyyy!
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