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When you take a drink you steal my pain, when you look at me you feel my sin

Last night was fun, I went to the mall to meet Jeffy, Sara and Pat at the food court as planned, eventhough I hate it there. I hate that mall I think, I mean I used to go there every weekend and hang out, like ALLL day with friends, I have pictures and pictures from inside that place. Ahhh my highschool dayz. I'm still sick of it. I like other malls though, any other mall is fine, I like Brookfield square and Bayshore mall and Mayfair N' shit, but forget Southridge. And when Northridge was around, I hated that one too, it was soo borring and ghetto. I actually WAS entertained at Southrisge though, thanks to my posse...heh heh, Jeffy got a Finding Nemo toy in his happy meal and gave it to Sara, it was the shark and it's eyes light up. I thought it would be a good idea to put the shark in the fountian next to where we were sitting, because it could spit water like a little spout and I wanted to test it. So Sara let me try, it did'nt work well, and we were sitting there trying to get this thing to squirt...heh, then Jeffy came and tried it too, hee hee....we play in the waaaater...

So club was good, I saw my Angela - who at the end of the night was pretty faded, but so was I. I danced alot and it was soo hot again in there, so I kept going outside, I'm so glad that they have that little outside courtyard. Talked to Aron for a bit and told him he should come to swing dancing and he said that he might, so that was cool. I saw Rose too for a little bit....and Pauly too, who is having a birthday party this Saturday, I don't think I can go because Daniel will be here and I think I am going to be in Madison anyway. We took Kristi home early and Jeffy left early to later on.

Before we went to club I went to Pat and Sara's house and got a video card....yeay! thank you Pat...pitter pat hee hee, you so niiiice!!! now at least I can see stuff on my screen.

Tonight I don't know what I want to do, if someone calls me, I'll go somewhere, but if not I won't....I think I want to stay home and play with my computer and stuff, Carrie is not going to be home all night, so I have the house to myself, well - except for the cat. Man I'm sore from dancing my leg muscles hurt.....
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