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Yesterday I went home with the intention of doing nothing really, just reading about my computer and trying to figure some stuff out, which I did for the most part but nothing really came of it.

Talleah called and I talked to her for about five hours, like we used to years ago. It was great to talk like old times, speaking of old times. - There are so many things I miss now that I used to have, and it's like I want it back or something. Things like bieng young, having my mom make me dinner every day, I loved the smell of the food cooking in the kitchen when I was little and then we would watch TV or a movie and talk until the food was done. I loved that. Years before, when my brother and dad were living with us still, my brother and I would play outside before dinner, unless the weather was bad or it was cold. I remember in the summer when I would just stay out all day with my friends and we would play in the alley until our parents yelled out names to come in for dinner. I miss all that. It was was easy and I always knew I would be ok - security-.

I want that still, and sometimes - with certain people, I have that and I am grateful.

After I talked to Talleah for EVER and a day, Carrie came home and I talked to her for an hour, then Jeffy called and I talked to him for a long time too, it was about 12 when he called and I remember hanging up at like 3:30. Man- I did not get up until 10 today heh was great. I had a good talk with Jeffy, we have not had a phone conversation for that long since we were kids, it was odd, but in a good way.

Daniel comes here today, I think I want to stay here this weekend and just chill out, Sunday we have a concert and it will probly be loud and craaaazyyy so I'm thinking of bieng quite laid back until then.

I am going to see Jeffy after work today and I am going to the mall to visit Kristi before I go to his house, Carrie wants me to go to Danielle and her sisters party, but I don't know if I will, I will be in Greendale by then and I don't think I will make it over here in time, because it's bieng held in a park close to my house. If it were tomarrow, I think it would have been easier to go.

....It's a G00D thing....
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