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Friday: Got home from work, went home and cleaned a little. I called Jeffy and he came over to try to put in the sound card that Pat gave me, that did'nt work so we tried getting a new one at Best Buy, he put that one in and it still did'nt work, in fact, the monitor never showed any signs of the computer working, we really were having problems with it so we quit for the night and went to Pizza puddle to get a soda, we met Pauly there and then went back to my place and Pauly parked there and left for Node with Jeffy. I stayed home and waited for Daniel to get there, and when he showed up he did not want to go to Planet with us, but I did, so he stayed at my place and slept and let me take his car to get to Planet. Yeay car! it was wierd to drive all by myself again. I had a blast at Planet! it was damn fun and they opened the outside again, I have not seen them do that since teen night four years ago, it looks better than it did then tho, they have little tables and chairs all over w/ candles and shit, it looks nice. Some girl I was talking to bought me a drink, which was cool. After that we all went to Zebb's and Dave was there, raver Dave, I love him he's so cool, I had a great time talking to him and the guy that was sitting on my other side, his name was dave too, gay dave. It was 4:30 when I got home that night.

Saturday: Got up and Daniel and I went to Jean Pierre's in Shorewood for breakfast, then we had to go home and watch a movie and wait for Stephany Kaminski to come over with her boyfriend to help with my computer. They got to my house at about 4 maybe and then Carrie and her parents came over and chilled for awhile at the same time. Man, my computer did'nt even want to work for this poor guy who tried to get it to run for like, ever! Thank you sooo much Stephany, for bringing your man over. Jeffy does not feel so bad now that even an A+ computer teacher guy could not get my machine to budge. He said when I do get it running, it will be awesome though, and everybody always says how much they love my case! Yeay! hee hee. So I was told that I must take my computer in, and I am going to go this week with Jeffy to MPC and have them sit there and play with it for I don't know how long......Jesus Christ, I can't believe that it costs $65 an hour. Oh well, if they can get my machine running, I don't care about the money. Later that night we went to Apollo, Daniel and I, it's a great greek resteraunt that I will definatly go back to, I was just floored by how good it was. We also saw Sam and his friend Tina outside when we were about to leave, so we stopped and talked for a long time actually. I love Sam, he rocks :).

Sunday: Enjoyed the nice weather, went to Zeb's for breakfast...mmmmmm I had a nice juicy steak, I wish it would have been a bit more bloody though (Sorry Sara ;)). Anyhoo - talked to Carrie for a bit outside with our two nieghbors who live downstairs, they tried to mow the lawn and the lawnmower broke...heh heh it's a NEW one too, our landlord bought it. Well, that explains it, our LANDLORD bought the fucking thing - from where? Wal- mart? what the hell?? baaah...what a cunt, I wanna move out next year. So, we went to the Rollins Band show and I loved it actuallty - it was great, I love the energy of Henry Rollins, it was definatly the best punk I have ever heard. The first band kind of sucked though. It was good to see Daniel so happy after the show, he was glad that I liked it soo much. I hope I get to see them again one day :).

Today I am very happy about the weather and I am excited about Summerfest starting soon, this Thursday. I am NOT excited, however, for the shitty traffic Summerfest brings to downtown, I have to take the bus home everyday from work and it goes straight down Milwaukee St. which is exactly the street that everybody is lined up on to get to the main gate (My work is two blocks from the main entry of the Summerfest grounds). The freeway exit is also right next to us, one block behind our building, so you have everyone driving in front of MIAD to get to the park, and the cars make a line like this ##### in front of our building. FUCK that.....ugh....last year it took me an hour and a half to get home each day from work during the fest because my bus is the one that goes on the Summerfest route, maybe I'll take the 15 this year instead. the mornings are not bad though, but by lunch time, it's all's even worse if you have a car. The city hogs up ALL the parking on the street and even takes MIAD's parking lots and uses them for the fest. If you don't want to pay to park there, you have to get in to the parking lot at like 9AM, or else. and forget street parking too.

Well Phooey....I'm taking off of work Thursday to go to Summerbreast with Jeffy, cause he REALLY has to be there that day, it's also the day of the club anything cookout which starts at 6PM and goes till 9. I will probly leave the fest early cause I wanna get there to get my little Club ID. hee hee.
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