Chrystal Ann Kaminski (surrealkiller) wrote,
Chrystal Ann Kaminski

Blinding light flashes...

The bright, white void still remains

He stands holding me over the edge of a large, deep hole - all sides of it are mirrored all the way down

the wind blows all around him as he holds me furthur out over the mouth of the mirrored well

my robes of light white silk dance in the wind as I lay there in his arms still asleep

In an oblivious coma, I lay with my eyes closed as my long black hair blows gently in the wind

The darkness below asks for me, it beckons him to let me fall, to let me go....

his brown eyes shut slowly, my body never seems heavy for him...

He stretches his arms as far as he can *slow motion* and drops me

the mirrors reflect infinate images of my body as I fall

a strong wind catches me from below, it's so strong that it pushes me back up toward the opening like invisible water

I rise to the surface, still asleep very peacfully, my pale skin looking more pale in the white light

He watches calmly as I float in front of him, he is not afraid

*Blinding light flashes and fades*
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