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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
I heart summer

Wooohooo...hotness, now that's what I'm talkin' about. Anyway - last night I went to Jeffy's house after cleaning my house a little, and by the time I got there everyone was already out of the pool and Jeffy was all worried about me because I took so long to get there. I really did take long though, like two hours - well ya figure, my bus ride there is 45 min. long. I usually turn my music up and take a nap so no one talks to me.

We had hotdogs at Jeffy's, Sara and Pat had these little riblet things and they tasted just like the Mc. Rib from Mc. Donald's, it was wierd but they were good. After talking for awhile we all went to Node and I talked to Canton and Laura for awhile and I saw this girl I have not seen in such a long time, her name is Diva and she kept talking about how she had a baby. That's nice.

After NOde we went to Pat and Sara's house to watch Lord of the rings "Two Towers" and we had everybody on Sara's bed, it was cool - we all were having foot sex!!! yes- foot sex and leg sex. Tina kept kicking Jeffy in the balls and putting her foot in her friend Rhonda's ass...I love Tina :). I don't think I have ever seen that many people on Sara's bed at one time there were six of us, I think- let's see, Jeffy, Tina, me, Kristi and Rhonda....five. Heh heh.

Jeffy fell asleep by the time we had the third disc going, so we left in the middle of the later half of the movie I think.

Sara and Pat were gettin' freakaaayy on the floor next to the bed, don't lie guys! you sluts!!

freaaaky freakaaaay yow....

Today I am supposed to go to Kristi's house after I get my stuff at home, she's got clothes for me and she wants me to come to this majic shop to get a spell for her friend who needs healing. I don't know exactly how I am going to orchestrate all this...I know I have to call Sara after work, so I'll be calling at like 3:30 or 4. I would like very much for Sara to come with me today, I'm not sure if Pat said he wanted to go or not. Hmmmm... I talked to Johnny V. the other day and he is making me a CD....I love you John!!!

We are all going to club tonight I think - I know Kristi will want to leave right away so I don't think she is going to come. I want to go because Pat is spinning and I want to see all my other friends. I wish Daniel could be here tonight, but I am going to be staying by Jeffy's house tonight so we can get up to go to Summerfest in the morning. I'm going to sneak a lunch in...I don't care - they can bite me.

Emotion: excitedexcited
leg and foot sex, huh?

are there going to be any baby legs and baby feet in the future?

And how many people do you usually see on someone elses bed?

apparently, there wasn't enough room or the activity was too vigorous because of the "spill over" freaaaky freakaaaay yow activity on the floor. ... ummmm ... did you take pictures?

And she put her foot RIGHT IN her friend's butt???!?!!!!!!! hmm. that doens't sound especially attractive, OR pleasent. I hope she had trimmed her toenails

Re: leg and foot sex, huh?

LOL, actuallly I do have ONE picture... I'll post it shortly (meaning the next couple dats).

Hehehee, and yes, Pat and I were on the floor where the real action was.


Days even....


I guess that might explain where the term "floored" comes from

Re: leg and foot sex, huh?

OOOH yes, baby feet and legs will be running all around Pat and Sara's house dude! it's gonna be cute....


like it's gonna get crowded. They just might need that room on top the bed

You made me ink!

K, we are so going to summerfest with you tomorrow!

So yeah, I don't know why you haven't called back yet... but regardless, see ya tonight!

Pat says we weren't getting freaky.... but I say we would have been had you guys not been here. ;) That was just heavy petting.

I accidentally scheduled company into our freaky time, well, uh.... pretty much that's anytime but... 2-5am is always ideal.

Re: You made me ink!

OOOH baby...I wanna be there for the neaxt real freak session!