Chrystal Ann Kaminski (surrealkiller) wrote,
Chrystal Ann Kaminski

Interesting....I think this is hilarious

BERLIN, Germany -- A Turkish couple living
in Germany who want to call their child
Osama bin Laden have been refused
permission by German officials but are to
appeal to a judge.

Names can only be registered in Germany if they
fulfil certain criteria. A name must clearly identify
the child's gender and must not ridicule the child or
be offensive.

"Hitler" is banned as a name for that reason.

Registrations officials in Cologne, where the young
couple live, rejected the name because it would not
be allowed in Turkey, a spokeswoman for the
magistrates court now dealing with the case said on

Honestly, I think that you should be able to name your kid
whatever you want....unless it's like "asshole" or something
dumb like that...I mean, what if you just like like the way a
name sounds?? I mean shit - there are killers with the name
Chrystal, but they were'nt famous most wanted killers, so I
guess that makes it OK then....
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