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I feel like shit kinda, I'm real cranky and I have a fucking head ache. Goddamn it....where did I leave off....oh yeah, Wed. Well, Sara picked me up for club at like 10 and I had a pretty good time there, it was sooo HOT until I found where the air conditioning was comming from, now I stand by the wall behind the pool table where it's nice and cool :) I see they finally turned on the air to full blast. I danced a bit, but not as much as I usually do, I got my CD from John, which I forgot in the DJ booth by Pat, I hope he has it. That night Jeffy took Josh and I home with him and they played on the computer for a while...Jeffy was posting naughty posts for Josh ;) heh heh. That was gaddamn hilarious, I had such a good time that night - we were so crazy when we were trying to go to sleep, well Josh and I kept laughing about stupid shit. I felt like I was a kid again at a sleepover...hee hee. What was really funny is that I was stuck in the middle again, Josh and Jeffy were on both sides of me and it reminded me of the time I had Parker and Jeffy spend the night, I was in the middle that time too. It was really nice to sleep in the nice air conditioning, it got warm though into the night, I mean, I was sleeping between two boys.....yeeah - shut up. LOL..

In the morning I did'nt get up until I heard Josh get up and he went and played on the computer for a long time, he was on that thing for like three hours. Jeffy actually got up before me and went to take a shower and shit, Josh and I talked and I wanted to go and sit by the pool so we went out there and talked while Josh was playing with his hacky sack. I was sitting on the side of the pool with my legs in and the water was really warm, I was like "Holy shit, the heater's on". I think that was one of the best mornings I have ever had, chillin' by the pool with a good friend, the sun was shining and it was'nt too hot, Jeffy made us eggs and bacon when we came back inside and we sat around the kitchen table and talked. I felt very relaxed and content :). I must say that when Jeffy's dad and his girls are not there, I think the atmosphere is very relaxing for some reason.

Summerfest was good, I did see alot of people that I knew whom I never see anymore and I finally got to see Kristi's boyfriend for the first time up close. Kristi and I actually were hanging out alone for a bit and it was nice to be with just her for awhile, I got to see how she really is with people and talk about things we can't talk about when other people are around. We went shopping in all the little shops and I bought a beautiful necklace and a big clippy for my hair, oh my god - they are gorgeous let me tell you! I spent $50 there already and it was only the first day. I remember last year I bought my wallet there and that was it. I also bought food last night there, Mader's...Oh how I love Mader's. Carrie S., Rose, Alli M, and Mike and Meg were there along with many more of thier circle. I saw Logan, man, I missed him alot so it was really good that I got to talk to him for a long time. I talked to his friend Nathan to.

I am soo wiped out today though. I was cranky at club, I just wanted to go home after getting my ID done (I still can't believe we had to do that), I look very mad in my picture - 'cause I'm sayin' "I wanna go home!!" hee hee. God that was incredibly boring. Pat and Sara showed up but they left pretty quick, Pauly showed up too just to get his ID and drink more. That guy is such a lush...geez.

I'm fucking out of it today. I am glad that I get to go to Daniels house this weekend, I miss him and I need to get out of here. I am damned antzy......
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